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Every school is different and has its unique characteristics and values. At Cornerstone International School, we pride ourselves on the following ...

English-Medium Education

All subjects are taught in English except for Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. English must be spoken in school at all times except during language classes and Wednesdays where we encourage everyone to use BM.

Disciplined Environment

We have clear rules that we consistently enforce to create an environtment where there is good discipline among the students. We do not abllow corporal punishment of any form in our school.

Small Classroom Size

To optimize teacher-student interactions and class dynamics, the number of students in each class is capped at not more than 25.

Work Closely with Parents

We see the education and development of a student as a partnership between parents and the school. The school plays a supporting role to the parents in the development of the child into a whole and educated person. 

Wholistic Education

Education is not just about mastering school subjects but learning about life. We expose our students to the arts, social issues and generally, how to be a better human being.

Strict Admission Criteria

Decision to admit a student or not is made after interviewing parents and administering a diagnostic test. This is not just to ensure that we maintain a reasonable academic standard but also the excellent school discipline environment is maintained.

Dedicated Teaching Staff

Teachers are employed based on their qualifications, teaching experience and also rapport with students. We expect our teachers to give their best to the students at all times.

Character Development

We place high value on good character. Values like honesty, kindness, generosity, helpfulness, loyalty and trustworthiness are acknowledged and rewarded. 

Academic Integrity

Our promise is that we will do our best to deliver the level of education that your child deserves. No shortcuts, no compromise of standards, no excuses.
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